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The Chapel of Our Saviour over the years has grown deeper and deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ; and during this process, as a body have become more deliberate in their walk with God. Through this process of growth, shackles of shame, of guilt, of low self-esteem and countless other bonds which held people back were broken. The power of the Lord was changing our hearts in a rather unique way. Our prayer lives improved as well as our daily everyday walk in life.


In 2017, more than any other time, we have boldly committed to stepping out and sharing Jesus Christ with all who will hear. Because of the times as identified in the Bible, we will continue the work that Jesus Christ started and commanded ALL OF HIS FOLLOWERS TO DO.


We are but a short time on earth and then we’re gone. Young men & women rapidly become the foundation to our faith and continue to share the precious Word of God. We are seeking young men & women who want to know more about Jesus Christ without all the formality.


In today’s fast paced and demanding world people of all ages find themselves bound by their peers, their commitments, their jobs….their life. Each phase causing anxiety, fear, depression even suicide. We offer a way to help in dealing with these issues.


Now that you have heard our mission, now that you know we are not out to make a "religious person" out of you, but to help you save your own-self and see a whole new you in Jesus Christ. Now that you KNOW we offer you no grand prize or some get rich quick formula; now that you know we honestly do care about who you are and that you are loved by God. Now that you know, talk to us about your NEXT STEPS. Fill out the contact form or call us at 1-866-408-6227 There are not thousands, nor hundreds or dozens standing by to talk to you, just one. Remember, God loves you, Jesus dies for you. Yes, you, come join us.

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